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    Gebrauchsgraphik, published 1924 - 44. Germany. See more covers: designers-books.

    The monthly publication was one of the first-generation graphic design magazines in Europe. Following the poster movement and typographic reforms associated with German Jugendstil, it developed them in new directions. Soon the magazine was in german and english. 1950 the title was revitalised under the same name and later relaunched as Novum.

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    Hikari Shimoda’s “Fantastic Planet, Goodbye Man" Preview and Interview.

    This Saturday, July 19th Corey Helford Gallery Circa in Culver City, California will be presenting Hikari Shimoda’sFantastic Planet, Goodbye Man.

    Hikari’s pastel colored work features horned children with stars in their eyes and scars on their necks, that are painted in a style reminiscent of Manga and Anime, as metaphorical essays on the fragile mortality of human life. These ideas have been influenced by such occurrences as the Fukushima Reactor and Chernobyl disasters.

    I had the chance to ask the very gifted and outstanding artist a few questions about her work, thoughts on eyes, and beliefs behind “Fantastic Planet, Goodbye Man" which you can read below (And also see more paintings and studio shots!):

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    Maico Akiba’s Small Worlds.

    Japanese artist Maico Akiba painstakingly creates small worlds or “SEKAI" on the backs of found toys that are exotic and extinct creatures.  The what-if basis of the works here is certainly an alluring one, I can recall myself as a child day-dreaming these exact scenarios.  Take a look at more below!

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    Michael Sole.

    Gorgeous paintings by British painter Michael Sole:

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Some new buttons!
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The three fates still function.
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    These are just gorgeous…check out those colors!

    Via nevver:

    Paradise lost, Ed Freeman

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    Steve Kim.

    New fashion illustrations by Steve Kim (Previously on Supersonic)(Interviewed):

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  10. 寂しいからではなく、あなたがふさわしいと思うときにこそ、恋をしましょう。


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